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Wes. is a solo artist,multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).

His music is rooted in the sound of indie and electronic pop, going for a diverse and distinctive feel. His music is spontaneous and direct, with a strong focus on personal lyrics and melodies that are emotional and ea-sy to relate to. Fans of artists as diverse as Finneas, Radiohead or Jeff Buckley would certainly connect with Wes. and his production-songwriting style. The artist’s most recent studio release, “High Friend” is actually a great calling card, highlighting Wes.’ ability to combine de-tailed sonic aesthetics with some intriguing instrumental bits and power-ful vocals. Wes. produces his music himself, and he also plays guitar, piano, drums and bass, enabling him to oversee different aspects of his songwriting and the quality of the performances on his recordings.

When not busy creating solo music, Wes. can be found on local stages alongside his band members in the blues / neo-soul combo Rokai.